A brand new track composed by Brad Walsh featuring original guest vocals by classical mezzo soprano Ilene Pabon. Created for designer Christian Siriano’s Fall/Winter 2013 fashion show, which debuted at New York Fashion Week on February 9, 2013. Just released, available exclusively at the online shop. Click the track to the right up above to listen, or the SoundCloud widget below. Reviews are down the page.

“When the models started hitting the runway, we were not only blown away by the incredible pieces but the heart-pounding rock orchestra music. As it turns out, Christian called on his long-time boyfriend (and music producer) Brad Walsh.” -MTV Style

“Siriano interpreted the theme for his tenth season in the most literal sense–from the dramatic crystal chandeliers that hung in front of draped red curtains in his show space, to the haunting soundtrack composed by his partner Brad Walsh with vocals by mezzo soprano Ilene Pabon.” -Fashionista

“Almost as beautiful as the clothes was the amazing soundtrack that accompanied the show in the art gallery. Created by his longtime boyfriend Brad Walsh, the music soared as the models walked the runway in perfect time. Instrumentals were accompanied by personal friend mezzo soprano Ilene Pabon.” -WeToldTwoFriends

“The music reflected this decadent collection. ‘I collaborated on the music with my boyfriend Brad Walsh, who is a really talented music producer’ Siriano told Billboard.  ‘He did an amazing job creating a great Russian orchestra [feel].'” -Billboard

“The track is a perfect match that embodies the beautiful, Russian opera inspired clothing in the show.” -Papercut Magazine

“Accompanied by a rock opera score produced by Siriano’s boyfriend, Brad Walsh.” -Jezebel

“The warehouse setting quickly turned dramatic with a chandelier and Christian’s theatrical touch. Even his talented (and adorable) partner, Brad Walsh’s beats helped create the feel of the show’s inspiration: the golden age of the Russian Opera.” -Dear Andi

“He wanted a sound that was similarly dramatic and striking to accompany his new Russian opera-inspired clothing.” -CocoKouture (Interview)

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